Top Destination

Western Fjords

Norway in a Nutshell is an exemplary full circle that takes you up to the mountains and down to the fjords, crossing probably the most excellent stretches on transport, train and boat. The visit requires around nine hours. It incorporates the train venture from Bergen to Voss, then, at that point a transport to Gudvangen and a boat outing to Flåm, going through the tight Nærøyfjord. The precarious 20km (12mi) train ride on the Flåm line to Myrdal crosses a portion of Norway's most fantastic mountain landscapes, including the immense Kjosfossen cascade.


Bryggen is one of Bergen's principle attractions. Strolling distance from the port of Vagen, this Hanseatic Wharf is on UNESCO's World Heritage List. The wooden houses make an interesting archaic environment. To encounter it, walk the thin walkways, and get some nearby artworks in the little shops and displays. Try not to miss the "skillingsboller" (cinnamon bun), a neighborhood forte to test at the conventional Baker Brun pastry shop.

Seven Mountains

Bergen is encircled by mountains, and Fløyen and Ulriken are two of the most well known. The Fløibanen funicular takes you from the downtown area to the mountain ridge (320 meters/1,050 feet) offering all encompassing perspectives over Bergen and the district. There are strolling and climbing trails on the site. Likewise mainstream is Ulriken , the most elevated of the seven mountains. To arrive, take the transport in the downtown area (close to Bergen's Tourist Office) to the streetcar station. As well as shocking perspectives, the Sky: skraperen café offers a fish menu on the mountain.